Viking MI 422 iMow Robotic Mower

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It's time to chill

New: VIKING iMow MI 422 and MI 422 P robotic mowers

The new iMow MI 422 and MI 422 P models are the perfect solution for small and medium-sized lawns for detached houses or urban gardens. These machines work fast, can even negotiate small gardens with lots of corners, climb gradients of up to 40 percent and provide plenty of fun and relaxation in the garden.

After a hard day's work, the garden is the perfect place to relax and replenish your energy levels. To ensure you can get the best from your green oasis, iMow robotic mowers automatically ensure that the lawn is always trimmed to perfection. These smart machines handle all lawn care tasks – at any time, day or night. The user has sole control over when the mower is to operate, according to his own personal schedule and plans. This means that the lawn is always mown in time for your leisure activities after the robotic mower has long disappeared back to its docking station.

The two new MI 422 and MI 422 P robotic mowers from VIKING are specially designed for the smaller lawns of detached houses or urban gardens. The iMow MI 422 is suitable for mowing areas up to 500 square metres. Equipped with a somewhat more powerful battery, the MI 422 P manages lawns of up to 1,000 square metres. The innovative battery technology from STIHL and the short charging times mean that the job is done particularly quickly.

Easy operation

Programming has been purposely kept as simple as possible so that the mowers can be operated by anyone. An assistant guides you step-by-step through initial installation and makes suggestions for your personal mowing plan.

The lawn area is delimited by a special wire so that the iMow knows which area to mow regularly. Within this terrain, it randomly criss-crosses the lawn with maximum precision. The machine safely finds its way around even in confined gardens. Inclines do not pose any problem either. The MI 422 can negotiate gradients of up to 35 percent, while the MI 422 P can even manage gradients of 40 percent.

If the battery starts to run low or if it starts to rain, the machine returns to the docking station. It docks with little manoeuvring, meaning that the station can be located in an relatively inaccessible part of the garden. Incidentally, the iMow always selects different routes for its return journey. This protects the turf.

A perfectly tended lawn

The iMow can do more than mow the lawn, return to the docking station and charge the battery. It is also able to handle all lawn care tasks. Its sharp blades shred the lawn clippings so finely that they can be left on the grass, returning nutrients to the soil as organic fertiliser. With such a thorough and reliable gardener working away in the background, you are left with more time to enjoy your garden.

Safety and security aspects have not been neglected. The iMow models meet stringent safety requirements. Each iMow only operates in conjunction with its individually programmed docking station. Hence, it is not worth stealing a machine.

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